Cacique – 2023

“This film is the result of a swell chase combined with a Waves for Water initiative. A successful trip, consisting of righthand point breaks each morning and helping to install water filtration systems at local schools in the afternoons. Produced and edited by myself.”

Roark – Absent Without Leave 2023

“A couple weeks on the road with two old land rovers, a coupla old motos, and a fruitful search for New Zealand’s hidden waves. Taking bush planes to remote surf spots and surfing the biggest storm in years.”

Portugal – 2022

“Two weeks in Portugal surfing the biggest waves of my life at Nazare as well as the notoriously dangerous and shallow water slab known as The Cave. Produced and edited by myself.”

Dear Mexico – 2021

“With a year of closed international borders, Mexico offered solace to the many surfers feeling cooped up and ready for some adventure. From wind-swept Baja to summer in blistering hot mainland, Dear Mexico is an ode to the country that provides so much to us surfers. A thank you letter in visual form.”

Arc of Aleutia – 2021

“A story about 3 surfers retracing the brutal path of a legend in one of the most isolated and turbulent destinations on Earth. The Aleutian Islands, Alaska.”

Gone – 2020

“I decided to release a longer form edit filmed entirely abroad with original songs by Matt Costa, Yves Compositions, Rebeka Fodor and some classics by the Butthole Surfers. It’s a celebration of the good times on the road.”

T H E F O R G O T T E N A R C H I P E L A G O – 2 0 1 8

“A journey to the Falkland Islands to explore never before surfed waves on privately owned islands by sheep farmers.”

C A M I N O A B I E R T O – 2 0 1 8

“This film is centered around chasing swells to desolate locations. Featuring Mainland Mexico, Ireland and Baja California.”

Road To Solitude – 2020

“It was the beginning of fall and Mexico had just lifted its travel ban to the world. This film is the result of a week in solitude surfing a perfect sandbar wave with nobody else in sight. Pure fun.”

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