Monster Children – Senegal

“Not an hour into Senegal and we are already feeling the altered reality of life in Northwest Africa. Fresh off a tweaked travel schedule and a series of blood thinning vaccinations, topped with a daily dose of the anti-malaria medication Malarone, and nobody is thinking clearly. But it’s fog-headed nights in far-off countries that lift a man’s character. Adventure may hurt, but monotony will kill you. That, or Ebola.”

Travel Tales: Nate Zoller in Puerto Rico

“I was carving through a deep powder turn in the middle of a Mammoth Mountain blizzard when I felt a buzz in my pocket. I ignored it; my focus was lasered into this technical tree run with over two feet of fresh. As I got to the chairlift at the bottom, I felt another buzz. I took my gloves off and checked my phone as snowflakes landed into puddles on the screen. “Yo Nate! What are your plans next week? The forecast for the Caribbean looks pretty good, I’m going and have a place you can stay if you can pull it!” I looked up to the sideways snowfall and low visibility and put the phone back in my pocket. I spent the chairlift back up daydreaming of the warm Caribbean sun on my skin. By the time I got off at the top I had made up my mind, I was going.”

Neon Wave – Fiji

“If you have ever been to Fiji or Tavarua, you know how lucky it makes you feel. Like you won a lottery that not everyone can enter. A feeling of paradise that’s hard to sum up in words.”

Surfer Magazine – An inside look into the Backdoor Shootout

“A few days ago, after Kauaiian charger Tyler Newton’s first heat during the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, I asked him what it looked like inside his giant 11.5-scoring tube.

‘I don’t remember anything after I started paddling for the wave,’ he said.

Fair enough. The past few days have been a blur for every Shootout competitor, and the entire North Shore in general, given the incredible surf and superhuman performances that seemed to only ramp up day after day.”

Neon Wave – Heavy Water Portugal

“There’s something that happens to waves when they get to a certain size, they start resembling mountains. Mountains that move. Avalanches of water. “

Just North of Nowhere – Falkland Islands

“The ice began closing in around the ‘Endurance’, eventually trapping the ship ‘like an almond in the middle of a chocolate bar,’ according to one of the men. The men drifted 1,186 miles in the 281 days they were stuck in the ice. ‘The noise resembles the roar of heavy, distant surf,’ Shackleton wrote in his log. ‘Standing on stirring ice, one can imagine it is disturbed by the breathing and tossing of a mighty giant below.’”

Roaming – Roark’s Adventure Atlas

Beached Days Magazine

“When I first got into music, even before I really played, it just kind of shook me. Once it hit me it hit me hard and became an obsession.”


“It’s nine in the evening and I’m in the sidecar of an old Russian Ural motorcycle driven by a Vietnamese man in a wife-beater and cargo pants. He is driving fast as we climb the bumpy hills of northern Vietnam.”